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Bridle reins are the essential link between the rider’s hand and the signal bit. It is important that they are properly weighted with knots, and  balanced with a romal. 

Availability of bridle reins depends on our procuring just the right weight of hide. Splitting heavy rawhide does not make nice reins. We buy specific kinds of cattle for rawhide and process them at certain weights, prioritizing hides over beef.




Our eight plat bridle reins have a square cross section. The strings are heavy, well beveled, and have no core. Finished buttons are intricate and solid The only knots that slide are the sliders; there are two of them. Forty two inches is the standard length for closed reins, and the romal is the same. Our poppers are wide and long—reminiscent of the California quirt. Your brand or initials are caved there at no extra charge. Our twelve plat romal is stiff enough to reach with, yet the connector is limber so the reins will not cue the romal. We pay attention to choosing exactly the right weight and curing of hides to make reins—these are heirlooms as well as tools.

Eight plat bridle reins: $1100

Our twelve plat bridle reins are traditional and functional. They are round rather than square, and have a distinctive weave change. We use a braided cord core under the rawhide, and carefully select the right weight of hide to cut for the feel of reins. The popper is 16 plat, and the connector is braided roo. The rein body is about 5/16, and the romal is about 7/16. The knots are accented with colored rawhide, unless you prefer otherwise.

Twelve plat bridle reins in rawhide $1800

Our twelve plat kangaroo bridle reins are braided twice. A delicate four plat rawhide core gives the reins life and feel; 12 plat kangaroo braid over that provides durability and comfort. Knots are always two-tone rawhide, unless roo is requested.

Twelve plat kangaroo bridle reins $2200

~ Santa Inez reins, and intricate reins of sixteen or more plats are also available ~

~ Contact Steve for information ~