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Here are two of my mentors and friends:
Mario Hanel     Terrence McGowan

Vaquero Saddles by Steve Harris

3/4 Ring Rig Old California Halfseat made on a McGowan Tree
This is a rawhide "donut" binder with no seam.
Carved in the Cantle is a special horse.
Here is a 5/8 plate rig on the last tree I got from Rod Nikkel.
This tapered horn holds a dally.
I often use this modified Visalia flower.
Peggy Vatalero and I planned this saddle for years! It was a lot of work to design,
and a lot of fun to make. I modified and rawhided the wade tree.
Peggy requested a rawhide binder. I usually use hard leather, it holds up better in wet weather.
There are four horses on this saddle, each is original. 
I made this saddle when we lived in Buckhorn Canyon.
Lots of folks like this acorn and oakleaf pattern. 
Custom Saddles 

We make saddles  for roping and riding long miles over varied terrain on horses who are progressing from hackamore to spade bit—and who carry themselves with that style. Our seats are balanced, and our riggins positioned with attention to bar rock. Our stirrup leathers swing easily and rest balanced—neither before or behind.  Our first priority is to enable the horse to move, next the saddle must be strong enough to endure the work.  It should help the rider sit well and comfortably.  Lastly the saddle should be light, and stylish. 

Our saddles have all non-corrosive hardware, and the best materials we can find. We expect these saddles to be used for a very long time.