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Pat Horlacher engraved the silver for this underbridle and the reins that went with it. 
This Rimrock nose hackamore and this black noseband bosal are both braided of kangaroo and rawhide.
The Rimrock hackamore has a slightly conical heelknot; the bosal heel is more round.

Here is a little two-rein on a single-string core. I made it for my friend Jeff, I have made several for him over the years. He is very deliberate about how his gear works and likes a very lively feel. 

On the left is our classic 16 plat hackamore, just a little over 5/8. In the center is a

kangaroo band  on a single-twist 8 plat core. On the right is a very fine 20 plat.

The hackamore on the left has a kangaroo nose and heel in our Rimrock color. 

The rawhide two-rein bosal has a nosebutton which tapers slightly without prominent anchor buttons. 

Here are six examples of two rein bosals 

You may click on these small pictures to view larger ones.
Richard Caldwell was a fine buckaroo and vaquero horseman. He won a bosal I made for the hackamore class at the Californios the first year I exhibited my braiding there. In the following years I made him many hackamores, bosals, and "bosalitas". He was very exacting.
These roo and rawhide bosals are the "Caldwell Collection", and have the same
plats, cores, and materials I used on a set I made for Richard. Click to see large photos.

Dear Vaquero Friends

We are working hard to transition into an inventory-based business so our customers won't have so long to wait! 
We still take custom orders in case your horse has a specific need, and for the folks who ride an exceptionally large horse.
Inventory Hackamores 2019:
  • All these hackamores are braided on a rawhide core and have dimensions typical of the hackamores used in the Great Basin and the Pacific Slope for the past two hundred fifty years. These have flexible nosebuttons, & heels which begin with the Ortega Splice & end with a ten-bight button.
  • These hackamores are made with the "A" or "AA" nose and heel.
  • The width dimensions will vary a sixteenth of an inch or so.
  • These nosebuttons have a six and one-half to seven inch inside curve.
  • A beveled leather hanger is included on each bosal

7/8” and ¾” twenty plat   $670

5/8 twenty plat                  $650

5/8” sixteen plat                $550

½” twelve plat                   $495

Two-rein twelve plat         $450

This price is for center-hung or standard-hung

Underbridle, leather core  $350

The AA nose and heel is finer than the A, and adds 150 to the cost of a hackamore, and 75 to the price of a two-rein.

Custom Hackamores

I like to make custom gear and solve problems. Generally, a custom order adds 120 to the cost, which represents the extra time it takes to get it just right.

*We don’t always have everything in inventory. If you need a hackamore which is typical, and I don’t have it already made, there is no extra cost placing an order. We will mail it to you as soon as it is ready!

Here are some extras:

Fancy braiding on latigo hanger                                         $110

Braided kangaroo hanger                                                    $285

Latigo band                                                         no extra charge

Single string fiador                                                               $20

Traditional doubled fiador                                                    $25

Barbejeto (under chin tie) of latigo                                       $30

Braided barbejeto                                                                  $190

Silver mounted:                                                                     quote


I like to use a manehair mecate of four or six strands. A firm mecate with lots of body allows the rider to send more and different kind of signals. I use mecates made by friends and craftsmen I know. Check the links page.

I have a box of mecates, and if you like I will select one to match your hackamore. I stay close to the makers list price. Occasionally a rider will need a yacht-rope mecate for a certain reason. I have a few of these also, but they are not best for jaquima a freno.