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A horseman from the northwest commissioned a set of reins and  this underbridle. Pat Horlacher engraved the silver.
This Rimrock nose hackamore and this black noseband bosal are both braided of kangaroo and rawhide.
The Rimrock hackamore has a slightly conical heelknot; the bosal heel is more round.

Here is a little two-rein on a single-string core. I made it for my friend Jeff, I have made several for him over the years. He is very deliberate about how his gear works and likes a very lively feel. 

On the left is our classic 16 plat hackamore, just a little over 5/8. In the center is a

kangaroo band  on a single-twist 8 plat core. On the right is a very fine 20 plat.

The hackamore on the left has a kangaroo nose and heel in our Rimrock color. 

The rawhide two-rein bosal has a nosebutton which tapers slightly without prominent anchor buttons. 

Here are six examples of two rein bosals 

You may click on these small pictures to view larger ones.
Richard Caldwell was a fine buckaroo and vaquero horseman. He won a bosal I made for the hackamore class at the Californios the first year I exhibited my braiding there. In the following years I made him many hackamores, bosals, and "bosalitas". He was very exacting.
These roo and rawhide bosals are the "Caldwell Collection", and have the same
plats, cores, and materials I used on a set I made for Richard. Click to see large photos.

Hackamore Prices 2017:

Rawhide Roo and Latigo

7/8 20 plat               $650                   ¾ 20 plat            $650

5/8" 16 plat*  $550                 5/8 12 plat basic $490

1/2" 12 plat*  $495             ½” 12 plat basic $475

3/8" 12 plat*  $450              Underbridle 8 plat $300

  5/8 20 plat  $620      Underbridle fine 12 plat $425

* customer favorites

Extra fine AA nose and heel added to:

5/8 or ½ inch                                                                         $150

3/8                                                                                          $75

Fancy braiding on latigo hanger                                            $90

Braided kangaroo hanger                                                      $285

Roo nose and heel                                                                  $50

Roo band on 5/8 or larger                                                      $80

Latigo band                                                            no extra charge

Single string fiador                                                                 $20

Traditional doubled fiador                                                      $25

All our bosals are rather refined. ~ We can make more exquisite gear upon request.

All hackamores include a latigo hanger, specify standard hung (sh) or center hung (ch)

Nose buttons may be “level” with no taper or nerve buttons, “level” with nerve buttons, “tapered with no nerve buttons,” or “tapered” with nerve buttons. The inside curve of our nosebuttons is always level—they never swell downward toward the horse. Our standard inside-curve measurement is 6 3/8 to 6 ¾.  It fits most horses well.

All our hackamores are made on a quality rawhide core. There is no tape, string, or plastic in these bosals. Each comes with a latigo hanger designed to tie below the left ear.

Rawhide Cores:

 ~ Riata core ~ Riata + 8 plat Single twist + eight plat Double twist ~ 

 Caldwell Sleeve core (add $100) Rawhide string core (on two rein bosals) Strip core